Monday, 22 June 2009

London City

I'm not fond of this but it seems like the rest of the scene is buzzing about it. Can't really comment on this, Devlin sounds like my flippin Grandad when he was a teenie bopper.

Make sure you go cop Maniac's latest CD released today, and tune into Logan Sama on Kiss tonight at 11pm when he will be playing Maniacs biggest tracks and the latest new tunes.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Tracks n Ting..

Sweet sweet sweet, two new grime tracks unearthed today, firstly Dot Rotten on one of his own FUCKED productions (as usual, still). I beg this instrumental comes out soon.

EDIT: Ahaha oh yeah I heard some talk about Chippy sending for Rotten over Twitter, saying he can't rap or some madness. Seriously though the little spud-headed cunt would get parred off differently.

Now 6 months or so down the line Ghetts has got a new remix for Don't Phone Me featuring fellow Greengate boys Griminal, Little Nasty and Fumin. Fumin does a lot on this I'm thinking still, but I wasn't particularly interested in this. The riddum got tired on me, I completely killed it dead with the amount of times I played it when I got Nocstrumentals.

Grime Daily also caught up with Grim for a quick interview in the park. Hungry hungry. Chekkit:

Hold tight Grime Daily yeah..

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm On This Bassline Ting..

My man Fox linked me up to a BADMAN Bassline mix earlier today. This one's coming all the way from the Czech Republic, so big up to everyone out there. You can download the mix here. Check da myspaz too:

01.Dexplicit - Good For Me
02.T2 - Where Did Our Love Go
03.TRC Ft Recneps - Bumbaclart Yardie (Dyper)
04.B.U.N - Blod Hound
05.Tempa - Get Admay (Burgaboy mix)
06.Pussycat Dolls f.Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha (JD Beatz Rmx)
07.Riskay - SmellYo Dick (MrVirgo Rmx)
09.Chamillionaire - Riding Dirty (Joe Q Rmx)
10.Burgerboi - Murder (MOTHER FUCKING REAL ONE)
11.Y-Tribe vs. Eminem - My Name Is
12.Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall (Genius 4x4 Remix)
13.Bass Boy - Get A Reload V.I.P
14.Iscream Boyz - Tancuj
15.B.U.N - Kidulthood - Skankin
16.Ja-Rule ft. Ashanti - Always On Time (Agent X Mix)
17.702 - You Don't Know (Reservoir Dogs Vocal Rmx)

None Of Them Can't Stand Up In A War With Tiger

To get the true essence of Eskiboy, really you just got to listen to his war dubs, get the most hype, most jokes, most random bars ("yo and Dot Rotten are scared of sunflowers" seriously does anyone actually know what that means? I still can't decide if he's being literal or this had a double meaning or W/E).

So I made a playlist with a mixup of 20 of my favourite sends and war dubs from Wiley. MOST of these tracks I ripped from the Tunnel Vision mixtape series, and a couple are radio rips or from elsewhere. This ain't a bootleg blog but I don't think anybody really gives a raas about me putting this up for download, they're probably already up on youtube. If there is a problem come bad me up! (or just tell me and I'll tek it down).

Download it here, innit

1. Respect
2. Wreath 2009
3. Crossfire Snippet
4. Nothing Less
5. Angry Garden Gnome
6. Nasty Jack War Dub
7. All In One War Dub
8. I'm A Sinner
9. Nightbus Dubplate
10. Footsie War Dub
11. Reply To Dizzee (Skit)
12. End Of The World Freestyle
13. My Name
14. Nasty Jack War Dub 2
15. God's Gift War Dub (Skit)
16. Friday 13th
17. Conspiracy Freestyle
18. Newham Generals War Dub
19. Cool Off
20. One Line Flow RMX

Aight I didn't include Nightbus which is a par really, but the only version I got has Logan chatting fraff at the beginning, overly pisses me off..

Big Haduuuukin

First Monday night fight night footage is up from Grimedaily. I think I might of underestimated H to be fair, still I am a BEAST at computer games..

Monday, 15 June 2009

War Report

Looks like the war is on, Wiley's back at Skepta 24 hours after the In The Country dub dropped.. He must of been ready and waiting..

Honestly though I was anticipating a decent 140bpm track. This had some nice lines but I'm not feeling the Giggs influence on none of this so far. I've never heard Skepta sounding so basic as he does on that track. Wiley had some nice bars still. You've been watching too much 50 and Rick Ross..

Big up whoever bootlegged the download off his myspace page.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Big H Puts Out A Streetfighter Challenge!

And he sounds pissed TBH

I would probably take him up and bun him on the Mortal Kombat. Not sure about Streetfighter, I ain't played it for time, but I used to be a badman with Sub Zero. Man are Mortal Kombat murkers. And Tekken. You know them ones when you fight a beginner Eddie Gordo and they mash every single button and they murk you in 10 seconds. C*%$!!

Skepta - In The Country

Daman Albarn, you have a lot to answer for...

Hold tight Smokey Barz for this one.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tune of 09? (So Far..)

Aight, so seeing as we're just about half way through 2009 (it's gone so quick) I thought we could do a poll to find out what THE best track has been so far. I can think of about 3 tracks for me, all have been blasted out on radio at dances and put on repeat on peoples iPods.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey RMX)

Tune doesn't need much of an introduction really. If you've been dubsteppin this year, you know that every DJ on every set has been dropping in this singalong. To be honest I don't like the original AT ALL. But Skream stripped this down to it's bare essance, the vocals, and that minimalist sound it has going is just perfect on the ears.

Tempa T - Next Hype

OK so this was first heard towards the end of 08, but I'm still including it since the majority of attention this track got was in this year in the past few months after the video was premiered. Large up Tim for the cameo appearance LOL. This track gets man so hype whenever it's dropped. SMASH!

Wiley - Where's My Brother

OK so it's another 08 track, but since the album only just dropped last week I'm gonna include it. This tune had so much potential to be massive, Bless Beats did a lot on the production and Wiley really went there and did something completely different to what the grime scene expects to hear. TBH this track could have been a huge mistake, it could of easily sounded bare cheesy or just not worked at all, but everything just fits. Huge track from Wiley. (Large up the geeza that put together this video, he did a fuckin good job if you ask me, seeing as it looks like it's been put together with old youtube clips, I'm impressed).

Friday, 12 June 2009

Mans Got T-shirts and Jumpers Cuz

New bars from Ghetts with LJ and Tornado, inluding some war lyrics for Skepta. "We both write bars but I live em out". Hold tight GH I'm looking forward to hearing more from him this year, still.

Check Ghetto airing out his views on the new releases when TOUCH:ME (no homo) caught up with him on Wendesday. (LOL that's a par for Skepta, still). Big up for the shout on the album release date news (end of August, early September iissh), I reckon it's gonna be up to par with Wiley's album, Ghetts is on top form right now and his releases rarely disappoint!

New Age Grime

Hold tight Maniac he's making a big impact in 2009, with his new releases and having producer credits on some of the biggest tracks on Wiley's album.

Check out this promo vid for New Age Grime which is set to land road around the end of June.

Always Be Late, I'll Be Late To My Wedding..

Or in my case I will probably sleep in and not turn up. Hold tight Smokey Barz because his youtube channel is doing alot for High Definition Grime and Road Rap so make sure you subscribe to it! Younga Hunga's flow is ridiculous on this at times. Big up 12 as well "I only war with my baby mum, when she's saying I'm a lazy cunt." LOL

Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Remus is going to come down very soon" - DJ Score5 (Rinse.FM)

My Lyrics Are Forever Son..

Make sure you download the new mixtape from Black the Ripper: Outlaw Volume 1. (it's free btw this is not a bootleg blog)He's doing a lot right now, proving the Grime MC's can switch it up and spit over Hip Hop beats no problem. I haven't listened to it yet (it's on my to do list) but the track list looks large with features from Wiley, Frisco, Cookie & Dimples, and production from Dexplicit, Goodchild & more.

I'm liking this video Black fam, hold tight.

Cotchin in the Kitchen

Hold tight the Extended Players and everybody locked in last night They will be back on tonight from 10PM UK time, so follow Harry Love on Twitter and he will make sure you find the link to lock in when they're live. Make sure you get on the chatroom to join the banter with the residents and the locals locked in (Hold tight the guy who was getting brave with me last night because he had a bad day LOL It's all love). Catch DJ MK & Shortee Blitz on on friday (that's 100.00fm on the dial inside London) they got special guest KYZA in the studs talking about his upcoming release and playing some exclusives. You can listen back to last nights show here, don't miss out family!

Or my Grime people can lock into Rinse.FM at the same time for Score5 with guests, and if you're still awake at 3 stay locked for Bigbeatz.

Sketch'E will be on Manic earlier on with a funkyhouse/dubstep/grime blend from 6-8PM. Big up all the radio listeners and the people jumping onboard the radio stations tonight.

About to check some ish and then take a shower but I will have more good stuff up later ya dun know.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This Ain't Funny So Don't You Dare Bussup..

Big up Ramson Badbones because he couldn't of done a better job with this, paying homage to British legend Slick Rick. It sounds almost like what Rick would of sounded like if he was a kid from this generations London with that lazy-flow voice.

Dont forget you can catch Badbones in Brick Lane, in East, next Friday, so if you're in London make sure you reach. In Disorda's words; "With residents Disorda, DJ LoK & Jonny Rap Attack, be there or stay at home watching a Big Brother eviction on your own wishing you'd reached..."

Also Kyza's Album/Mixtape is now available for pre-order on Suspect Packages, it's only £8.69 that's a bargain these days, 18 tracks too, not some 8 track EP. They've even got previews up in case you're stupid enough to doubt me.

It's Live-O

It's all about the live music really, that's the essance, but don't forget this is the digital age (big up my worldwide crew who might be watching). If you're staying in tonight you got a choice to make. At 10PM UK time DMC DJ MK & Harry Love (producer of such bangers as this.) along with Shortee Blitz for the Fun House. I'll have a link up and ready by then (you got about half an hour to shower up get some munch and lock in)

EDIT: Here's the link muddaflukkas

Also GetDarker are uploading their Podcasts in a bit, you can register through itunes to make sure it downloads automatically when they're up if you click here. So hold tight the dubstep people make sure you get that on your iPod.

If you're in East London next week make sure you check Suspect Packages live, they've got Ramson Badbones in the house with DJ Gone and Skandal.


My Bristol crew probably already know about Buggsy but for those of you still in the dark:

Hold tight all the BS2 St Pauls people.

Spooky's Funky Grimeline Part 2

Spooky DJ has uploaded the second installment of his Funky Grimeline mixes, you can grab that here. Those Dexplicit tracks where sick. Big up Spooky ca you're showa.

(You can grab the first mix from here)

Elijah & Skilliam RINSE.FM

Woooi just jamming to the set put up last night which can be downloaded here! Nothing but grimey dubs for 2 hours. Looking forward to the Maniac EP, that Salt Fish riddim will be rinsed:
Check out the Butterz Blog for the tracklist and more info. Hold tight Elijah & Skilliam..

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Youngers are Coming..




Remus has upped his levels so much this decade.. Mastering his flows. Hold tight Remus, Farma G and the rest of the MFTC camp!

(MFTC TV on Ustream coming soon!)

More from Remus:

Big up Uncle Chester too LOL!! (Still one of the sickest MC's from day massive respect)

Hold tight Remus' Dad Farma G, badboy MC from morning..

LOL I jst randomly saw this video of Chester P freestyling. This is oooooollld I had the video years back. Reveal smashed a freestyle on it and everyone looks so young LOL Skinnyman looks about 18!

Desperado Video

Seems like only a couple of months ago the Gryhme Bangers CD dropped, that was nearly 6 months ago. WTF! Time flies.

Timothy's put up a vid of Desperado with the rest of the South Soldiers on Youtube the nice chap:


Bare meaning naked

I need a pic or design or anything to spice up this page to be honest. If ANYONE can sort me something out (preferably something that fits the colour scheme & genre) I would be fucking greatful. Or is it grateful. The red line says greatful is wrong.

My Carnival People..

I could fuckin smell that carnival season air getting closer last week with that mini heatwave..

Here's a pointer for my Bristol crew who know what it is to plan ahead for the summer. Those who know about St. Pauls Carnival won't wanna miss this..

The Breakbristol team is offering discount tickets to the St Pauls Carnival afterparty at LAKOTA, if you feel cheeky enough give them a holla on and they might be able to sort you out something.

*Carnival skanks out*

Kyza - SOS: Shots Of Smirnoff

The big man Kyza Smirnoff is set to drop his new mixtape/album/street album (w/e the ras you call em) on the 17th June. I got a nice little sampler through email yesterday which can be downloaded here.

HHC Online interviewed him this month so download their shit from their site when it lands road on the 15th.

Here's an extract of him chattin about where the name and theme of the mixtape come from:

“I was very much into drinking at one time. That’s why they used to call me Smirnoff, ‘cos I literally used to drink pint glasses of Smirnoff, no chaser, real talk. I was 18, young – I just liked getting drunk.

“We used to go to people’s house parties, me and my boys, in north, south, east and west London – we were little travelers. We’d arrive and go to where they were serving the drinks; they’d be like, ‘Know what Kyza’s having… Smirnoff!’ And I’d pour it out, glug, glug, glug, glug – chick dancin’ front of me, woo! Ravin’, making faces shit like crazy… Those were the days.

“Now my tolerance for alcohol has just gone down. I don’t smoke either. I’m not what you’d call ‘healthy’ but in terms of vices, I am. My only vice is women.”


Manorman who already know about Mr. Smirnoff know he's a heavyweight and he's been about for time (LOL WHO'S THAT IN THE GAP?? (who knows about them times when everyman and his nan wore GAP hoodies and crews?)

He's got too many highlights from features, to freestyles, to his verses on the TF album and his own debut The Experience.

Listening to the sampler, tracks sound alot, only production I recognise is Chemo on the Sin City track and Bless Beats on another track, but this is def. gonna be a track to track banger, big up Kyza..

Check this footage of Kyza bunnin down Westwoods set with Wretch. He's mucky on the BURN instrumental. Badman.

The Grime Geeza Is Up and Running..

What's appenin people.. New to this whole blog thing, think of this as a test post.

I'm gonna be using this as a community spot for the UK music scene, and hopefully build something established over some time. If you're a UK artist looking for some free internet promotion (I get around the forums) you can contact me at (MSN OR EMAIL) You can follow me on Twitter @
This ting is intended for the positive promotion of the scene here, I feel it's very exciting times right now in this country for music, and I'm down for doing my bit to help establish this sound in the best way I know how.
I'm new to this blog ting so if anybody wants to give me a hand with the layout/coding and shit give me a hulla on the email or drop or comment.

So now you know where you was when Grime Geeza was born LOL.

Alright so first on the agenda..

Now I'm a young man right, I'm only 21, so I'm not one the OG's that's been following the UK scene from day, but I remember one of the first man I heard that got me into this whole thing and a certain underground MUCKY tune..

This was the first track that really made me take note of these UK spitters over HIP HOP beats. Up til then I was mostly exposed to the Garage scene that was big in the years before and the emerging Grime scene of the time. Coming from North Kent (shouts to the chatham/gillingham crew) and not being aware of the underground community on the internet I'd never really heard someone go this hard lyrically like this from this country before. Definately big respect for Klash for exposing me to a whole different scene, Sagas, Focus Mode and the TF CD all got rinsed by me.

Last night Klashnekoff announced his next album "Back to the Sagas" will be landing road in September this year, and he sounds pretty confident about it. I haven't heard any new K-Lash since 07 so I'm definately looking forward to hearing this and will keep yous updated regarding release dates, tracklists His new blog page is Wat The BlogCLART!! Big up all my new bloggers.