Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kyza - SOS: Shots Of Smirnoff

The big man Kyza Smirnoff is set to drop his new mixtape/album/street album (w/e the ras you call em) on the 17th June. I got a nice little sampler through email yesterday which can be downloaded here.

HHC Online interviewed him this month so download their shit from their site when it lands road on the 15th.

Here's an extract of him chattin about where the name and theme of the mixtape come from:

“I was very much into drinking at one time. That’s why they used to call me Smirnoff, ‘cos I literally used to drink pint glasses of Smirnoff, no chaser, real talk. I was 18, young – I just liked getting drunk.

“We used to go to people’s house parties, me and my boys, in north, south, east and west London – we were little travelers. We’d arrive and go to where they were serving the drinks; they’d be like, ‘Know what Kyza’s having… Smirnoff!’ And I’d pour it out, glug, glug, glug, glug – chick dancin’ front of me, woo! Ravin’, making faces shit like crazy… Those were the days.

“Now my tolerance for alcohol has just gone down. I don’t smoke either. I’m not what you’d call ‘healthy’ but in terms of vices, I am. My only vice is women.”


Manorman who already know about Mr. Smirnoff know he's a heavyweight and he's been about for time (LOL WHO'S THAT IN THE GAP?? (who knows about them times when everyman and his nan wore GAP hoodies and crews?)

He's got too many highlights from features, to freestyles, to his verses on the TF album and his own debut The Experience.

Listening to the sampler, tracks sound alot, only production I recognise is Chemo on the Sin City track and Bless Beats on another track, but this is def. gonna be a track to track banger, big up Kyza..

Check this footage of Kyza bunnin down Westwoods set with Wretch. He's mucky on the BURN instrumental. Badman.

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