Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Tracks n Ting..

Sweet sweet sweet, two new grime tracks unearthed today, firstly Dot Rotten on one of his own FUCKED productions (as usual, still). I beg this instrumental comes out soon.

EDIT: Ahaha oh yeah I heard some talk about Chippy sending for Rotten over Twitter, saying he can't rap or some madness. Seriously though the little spud-headed cunt would get parred off differently.

Now 6 months or so down the line Ghetts has got a new remix for Don't Phone Me featuring fellow Greengate boys Griminal, Little Nasty and Fumin. Fumin does a lot on this I'm thinking still, but I wasn't particularly interested in this. The riddum got tired on me, I completely killed it dead with the amount of times I played it when I got Nocstrumentals.

Grime Daily also caught up with Grim for a quick interview in the park. Hungry hungry. Chekkit:

Hold tight Grime Daily yeah..

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