Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This Ain't Funny So Don't You Dare Bussup..

Big up Ramson Badbones because he couldn't of done a better job with this, paying homage to British legend Slick Rick. It sounds almost like what Rick would of sounded like if he was a kid from this generations London with that lazy-flow voice.

Dont forget you can catch Badbones in Brick Lane, in East, next Friday, so if you're in London make sure you reach. In Disorda's words; "With residents Disorda, DJ LoK & Jonny Rap Attack, be there or stay at home watching a Big Brother eviction on your own wishing you'd reached..."

Also Kyza's Album/Mixtape is now available for pre-order on Suspect Packages, it's only £8.69 that's a bargain these days, 18 tracks too, not some 8 track EP. They've even got previews up in case you're stupid enough to doubt me.

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