Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tune of 09? (So Far..)

Aight, so seeing as we're just about half way through 2009 (it's gone so quick) I thought we could do a poll to find out what THE best track has been so far. I can think of about 3 tracks for me, all have been blasted out on radio at dances and put on repeat on peoples iPods.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey RMX)

Tune doesn't need much of an introduction really. If you've been dubsteppin this year, you know that every DJ on every set has been dropping in this singalong. To be honest I don't like the original AT ALL. But Skream stripped this down to it's bare essance, the vocals, and that minimalist sound it has going is just perfect on the ears.

Tempa T - Next Hype

OK so this was first heard towards the end of 08, but I'm still including it since the majority of attention this track got was in this year in the past few months after the video was premiered. Large up Tim for the cameo appearance LOL. This track gets man so hype whenever it's dropped. SMASH!

Wiley - Where's My Brother

OK so it's another 08 track, but since the album only just dropped last week I'm gonna include it. This tune had so much potential to be massive, Bless Beats did a lot on the production and Wiley really went there and did something completely different to what the grime scene expects to hear. TBH this track could have been a huge mistake, it could of easily sounded bare cheesy or just not worked at all, but everything just fits. Huge track from Wiley. (Large up the geeza that put together this video, he did a fuckin good job if you ask me, seeing as it looks like it's been put together with old youtube clips, I'm impressed).

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