Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's Live-O

It's all about the live music really, that's the essance, but don't forget this is the digital age (big up my worldwide crew who might be watching). If you're staying in tonight you got a choice to make. At 10PM UK time DMC DJ MK & Harry Love (producer of such bangers as this.) along with Shortee Blitz for the Fun House. I'll have a link up and ready by then (you got about half an hour to shower up get some munch and lock in)

EDIT: Here's the link muddaflukkas

Also GetDarker are uploading their Podcasts in a bit, you can register through itunes to make sure it downloads automatically when they're up if you click here. So hold tight the dubstep people make sure you get that on your iPod.

If you're in East London next week make sure you check Suspect Packages live, they've got Ramson Badbones in the house with DJ Gone and Skandal.

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