Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Grime Geeza Is Up and Running..

What's appenin people.. New to this whole blog thing, think of this as a test post.

I'm gonna be using this as a community spot for the UK music scene, and hopefully build something established over some time. If you're a UK artist looking for some free internet promotion (I get around the forums) you can contact me at grimegeeza@live.co.uk (MSN OR EMAIL) You can follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/GrimeGeeza
This ting is intended for the positive promotion of the scene here, I feel it's very exciting times right now in this country for music, and I'm down for doing my bit to help establish this sound in the best way I know how.
I'm new to this blog ting so if anybody wants to give me a hand with the layout/coding and shit give me a hulla on the email or drop or comment.

So now you know where you was when Grime Geeza was born LOL.

Alright so first on the agenda..

Now I'm a young man right, I'm only 21, so I'm not one the OG's that's been following the UK scene from day, but I remember one of the first man I heard that got me into this whole thing and a certain underground MUCKY tune..

This was the first track that really made me take note of these UK spitters over HIP HOP beats. Up til then I was mostly exposed to the Garage scene that was big in the years before and the emerging Grime scene of the time. Coming from North Kent (shouts to the chatham/gillingham crew) and not being aware of the underground community on the internet I'd never really heard someone go this hard lyrically like this from this country before. Definately big respect for Klash for exposing me to a whole different scene, Sagas, Focus Mode and the TF CD all got rinsed by me.

Last night Klashnekoff announced his next album "Back to the Sagas" will be landing road in September this year, and he sounds pretty confident about it. I haven't heard any new K-Lash since 07 so I'm definately looking forward to hearing this and will keep yous updated regarding release dates, tracklists His new blog page is Wat The BlogCLART!! Big up all my new bloggers.

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