Wednesday, 17 June 2009

None Of Them Can't Stand Up In A War With Tiger

To get the true essence of Eskiboy, really you just got to listen to his war dubs, get the most hype, most jokes, most random bars ("yo and Dot Rotten are scared of sunflowers" seriously does anyone actually know what that means? I still can't decide if he's being literal or this had a double meaning or W/E).

So I made a playlist with a mixup of 20 of my favourite sends and war dubs from Wiley. MOST of these tracks I ripped from the Tunnel Vision mixtape series, and a couple are radio rips or from elsewhere. This ain't a bootleg blog but I don't think anybody really gives a raas about me putting this up for download, they're probably already up on youtube. If there is a problem come bad me up! (or just tell me and I'll tek it down).

Download it here, innit

1. Respect
2. Wreath 2009
3. Crossfire Snippet
4. Nothing Less
5. Angry Garden Gnome
6. Nasty Jack War Dub
7. All In One War Dub
8. I'm A Sinner
9. Nightbus Dubplate
10. Footsie War Dub
11. Reply To Dizzee (Skit)
12. End Of The World Freestyle
13. My Name
14. Nasty Jack War Dub 2
15. God's Gift War Dub (Skit)
16. Friday 13th
17. Conspiracy Freestyle
18. Newham Generals War Dub
19. Cool Off
20. One Line Flow RMX

Aight I didn't include Nightbus which is a par really, but the only version I got has Logan chatting fraff at the beginning, overly pisses me off..

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